Show your business is truly caring for your clients and/or your staff.

A Helping Hamper from Country Casseroles shows that you’re not only thinking of someone, you’re actually caring for them with hearty, tasty meals that will make their coming days so much easier. It’s a level of thoughtfulness and care you simply can’t get from flowers.


Suitable for Any Situation
While flowers have stood the test of time as a symbol of celebration or sympathy, with today’s busy lifestyles being busier than ever, a practical option may be more appropriate. Freshly made Casseroles, Lasagnes, Quiches and Side Dishes from Country Casseroles are not only thoughtful, but a practical and tangible offering that’s just a little bit different from the norm. Our ready to heat and eat Hampers are a gift that will certainly make life a little bit easier, if only for a little while.


Such an Easy Choice
Simply choose from a selected range of prices or you can build your own custom hamper. Each Helping Hamper contains freshly made Casseroles, Lasagnes, Quiches and Side Dishes from Country Casseroles wide range of tasty meals. In all Hampers, you can select the meals you would prefer, or we can select our most popular favourites for you. A quick browse will find tasty options to suit any dietary requirement including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

All these choices ensure your recipient enjoys the very best we can offer – just a quick phone call or visit to the Country Casseroles website and it’s all done.


All Beautifully Presented
We’ll deliver your hamper in our special Helping Hamper box, along with a personalised card with your special message.


Yes, of Course We’ll Deliver
Your hamper will arrive whenever and wherever you wish. Straight to the person, to your business, to a hospital. Wherever it’s required, Country Casseroles will have your Helping Hamper there in no time.




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Delivery Area

All food delivered fresh and can be frozen. Vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options available. Upgrade any hamper – additional costs apply.


Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff GF
The best in Australia. Slow-cooked beef and mushrooms in our famous sauce. Amazingly tasty, we love to show off our stroganoff.

Butter Chicken GF DF
An Australian take on an Indian curry. Full of seasonal vegetables and aromatic spices with a lovely bite that can sneak up on you.

Beef & 8 GF DF
Slow-cooked quality beef in a rich brandy and red wine jus and full of fresh seasonal vegetables.

Mild Lamb Curry GF DF
Slow-cooked lamb with a delicate spice mix including nutmeg and cinnamon, plus fresh chilli, ginger and seasonal vegetables.

Chow Mein GF DF
Just like Mum used to make. Premium beef mince cooked in homemade chicken stock, cabbage, celery, beans and carrots.

Savoury Sausages GF DF
Butcher's beef sausages with smokey bacon and thick mushroom sauce.

Rustic Chicken GF DF
Tender chicken with bacon and fresh seasonal vegetables, cooked in a white wine and garlic jus.

Traditional Curried Sausages GF DF
An old favourite of proper butcher’s beef sausages, fresh beans and carrots, all slow-cooked in our signature curry sauce.

Sweet and Sour Pork GF DF
Good old Australian-style sweet and sour sauce with tasty slow cooked pork, fresh capsicum, celery, vegetables and pineapple.

Irish Stew DF
Slow-cooked beef with seasonal local vegetables and Guinness stout. Delivering a hearty and earthy Irish flavour.

Mum’s Meatballs
Premium beef mince lovingly rolled with fresh herbs and parmesan cheese, then carefully roasted for two hours in our special marinade.

Trish’s Special Veggie Curry GF VEGAN
A beautiful and hearty veggie pot full of seasonal vegetables, including beans, chickpeas and selected spices for a healthy guilt-free meal.

Trish’s Veggie Bake V
A rustic pasta bake with freshly roasted seasonal vegetables, all combined with a cheese sauce to die for.

Tuna Mornay
This mornay tastes perfect every time, using only the best tuna. Served with spring onions and corn.

Bolognese Bake
A combination of our Bolognese sauce, our famous meatball sauce, pasta and tasty cheddar cheese all oven-baked together.



Beef Lasagne
The best in town. Our fabulous bolognaise sauce layered with a special béchamel sauce. Go on, try it.

Veggie Lasagne V
Voted best in town. We start with sautéed mushrooms in garlic as our base, then add even more flavour with oven roasted marinated vegetables, béchamel and ricotta.





Wine Trifle

Sticky Date Pudding

Apple Pie

Lemon Tart

Apple Strudel

Jelly Slice

Choc Ripple Cake

Chocolate Mousse GF 

Assorted Cheesecakes GF

Including Berry and Macadamia and Caramel

Banana and Caramel Pudding with Custard GF 

Chocolate Brownies GF 

Frog in a Pond

Dooley’s Award-Winning Ice Cream 500ml GF 



Creamy Mashed Potato

Scalloped Potato

GF Gluten Free DF Dairy Free V Vegetarian


Moving House
“We hope the move is going well, here’s a few meals to help you settle into your new home.”

Kind Regards,
New Home Real Estate

New Baby
“Congratulations on the new arrival! Here’s a couple of meals so you can spend even more time with your new baby.”

All the Best,
The Company Team

Loss in the Family
“We hope you’re holding up okay, here’s a small gesture to help you through the next few days.”

With our sympathy,
The Factory Team

“Best of luck with your recovery, we hope this hamper will make things a little easier over the next few days.”

Thinking of you,
Business and Associates

Elderly Parent
“Hi Mum, here’s a little gift, just to let you know we’re always thinking of you... enjoy!”

Son and Daughter

New Home Builder
“Congratulations on your new home, here’s a couple of meals to get you started as you move in to your beautiful new home.”

All the Best,
The Building Team

Retail Purchase
“We hope you love your new kitchen. Here’s a couple of easy to prepare meals to help get you started.”

Love your cooking,
The Kitchen Company

Staff Thanks
“Hi John, thanks for all your extra work in recent weeks, here’s a small thank you to you and your family.”

Thanks Again,
The Good Company Boss